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As a creative “packaging provider” that not only supplies products as
a supplier but also designs the future on our own and creates new markets, Rengo provides comprehensive solutions that meet the packaging needs of all industries.

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Founder Teijiro Inoue

Teijiro Inoue created corrugated board after a great deal of effort as well as trial and error. He is the person who came up with the name “danboru” for corrugated board, which is now a household term. After experiencing many difficulties, he developed his own management philosophy, called “Kintoma.”

The corrugated board manufacturing machine
Completed the Yodogawa Plant in Obiraki

General Packaging Industry (GPI) Rengo To Continue Being a “Packaging Provider”

No matter how great a product is, its value cannot be put across to people without the packaging wrapping it. All the packaging solutions offered by “General Packaging Industry (GPI) Rengo”—which innovates for all the packaging needs of various industries—support logistics and richness in lifestyles.

Packaging requirements become more diversified and demanding as the lifestyles of people change and their environmental awareness increases. Combining our wide-ranging product lineup, a highly refined service network, a wealth of packaging technologies built up over the years, and creativity based on rigorous marketing, the Rengo Group has continued to study optimal forms of packaging for our customers.

We employ a fully integrated production system, from paperboard to corrugated packaging. Our business domains cover folding cartons, flexible packaging and other forms of consumer packaging, as well as heavy duty packaging used in a wide variety of different industries, and even extend to cater to overseas markets. This structure allows us to deliver diverse packaging solutions while achieving substantial synergistic effects.

Intrinsically suited to recycling, corrugated board primarily utilizes recovered paper, which is recyclable and eco-friendly, as its raw material. As the birthplace of corrugated board in Japan, the Rengo Group considers the concept of “always caring about people and the environment” as the cornerstone of our business activities. This is also in line with achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)—internationally unified goals—which seek to realize a sustainable society.

The development of packaging using less resources to generate more value under the concept of “Less is more.” seeks to minimize environmental impact—including reducing CO₂ emissions—and utilize resources efficiently from our manufacturing processes to our products themselves, and at the same time, earnestly faces social issues in all our business activities in our work to create packaging with even more added value.

In addition, another important initiative is to respect the value of each and every employee—the source of creativity giving birth to innovation—to create environments where diverse individuals can maximize their unique potential.

We the Rengo Group will continue to put in the highest levels of passion in the world into creating new value in packaging to be a “packaging provider” that designs the future on our own, and that opens new markets. At the same time, we will never cease in our efforts to support logistics and lifestyles as “General Packaging Industry (GPI) Rengo” to realize an even better and sustainable society.

To be a preferred corrugated packaging business partner in Malaysia

Since 1990, Rengo Packaging Malaysia Sdn Bhd has specialized in providing standard and custom-made fiberboards and carton boxes. Our plant in Selangor state’s Shah Alam is equipped with high-capacity converting and printing equipment, enabling us to produce a broad range of products, from high-end multi-colour point-of-sale displays to brown boxes, carton box sheets, die-cuts, and fittings for various end-products.

With over 30 years of experience in providing corrugated packaging solutions to various industries, we have established a solid track record. Our product range cater to a wide spectrum of industries, including food and beverage, consumer goods, edible oil, electrical and electronics, and healthcare sectors.

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