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Take the initiative on environmental conservation efforts.

Take the initiative on environmental conservation efforts.

Ever since founder Teijiro Inoue manufactured Japan’s first corrugated board in 1909, the Rengo Group has been serving society, continually adapting to the times to deliver the very best packaging solutions to customers and enhance the value of their products.

We plan to continue comprehensive development of optimal packaging solutions for distribution in all industries, and as a “General Packaging Industry” that creates new value in packaging through a tireless commitment to continual changes in thinking and technological innovation, we adhere to the following guiding principles.

We serve a wide range of customer in different industries for their packaging needs. Our products can be supplied from functionality packaging, logistic and protection to sales promotional printing.

We deliver optimal packaging that can contribute to everyone’s lifestyles which not only wrap and protect our customers’ products, but also based on the principle of being friendly to people and the environment.

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Delivering optimal packaging to people, society, and the environment

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